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Life Fitness Insignia Series Seated Leg Press

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*12 week manufacturing time*

The full commercial Insignia Leg Press is the key to strong and sculpted leg muscles, targeting the quadriceps, glutes, plus the smaller leg muscles. Features a 168kg incremental weight stack, adjustable range-of-motion, optimised biomechanics and quality upholstery. Choose from a range of frame, shroud and upholstery colours. 

The Insignia Series Seated Leg Press offers an effective way to target the larger leg muscles including the glutes and quadriceps, whilst also giving your calves and hamstrings a workout! Biomechanically engineered, this quality strength machine delivers smooth, seamless movement, looks stunning and withstands the rigours of a busy commercial fitness environment.

Part of the renowned Insignia Strength series, the Leg Press is incredibly stylish and durable. User friendly with a weight stack of 168kg, it provides intensity and challenge for newcomers and strength training veterans alike, keeping muscles engaged as training progresses. Thanks to its handy incremental weight stack and large diameter ergonomic rubber dial, switching intensity is easy.

Designed for both comfort and to deliver excellent results, the Leg Press supports you well, ensuring your body is correctly aligned. Force is transmitted though the hips to eliminate spinal compression while natural, smooth movement makes the exercise both enjoyable and safe. Boasting quality, padded upholstery, it’s comfortable yet incredibly hardwearing. Customisation comes courtesy of an articulating seat and range-of-motion adjustments, easily tweaked from the seated position. There’s also a handy electronic reps counter and timer.

Upright exercise position is especially applicable to a novice or deconditioned user. 

Force is transmitted through the user's hips, eliminating spinal compression.

Adjustable seat carriage accommodates a variety of user sizes and desired range-of-motions, and is easily adjusted from the seated position.

Weight stack: 260lb/168kg

Premium aesthetics: clean lines and subtly rounded tubing

Optimised biomechanics: controlled, natural and comfortable movement

Independent motion: 8 upper body units use independent motion to maintain equilateral muscle development and aid those with physical limitations

Adjustable seat carriage: caters to different range-of-motions

Easy adjustments: alterations all within easy reach from seated position

Low profile Tower design: increases social interaction and encourages inviting atmosphere

Patented dial increment system: large diameter knob with ergonomic rubber gripping

Articulating seat: easily adjusted one-handed with lightweight assist for perfect positioning

Superior upholstery: padded and durable for comfort

Rep counter/timer: easily track your workouts

Graphic placards: illustrate muscles being trained and simple-to-follow instructions; QR code/NFC connects LFconnect app users to detailed instruction videos

Custom design: choose from a range of frame, shroud and upholstery colours (select from grids)

Other: pre-built

Dimensions (LxWxH): 156 x 102 x 148 cm

Product weight: 450kg 

*This product is designed solely for use in commercial fitness settings. This product is not designed to comply, and may not comply, with any applicable standards or regulations for consumer use*

Key Features

  • Low-Profile Towers
  • Striking Aesthetics
  • Choices in Customization
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Smooth and Natural Motion

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